Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My First Year At Slimming World

April 3rd 2014 

I went back to Slimming World on 3rd April with my lovely mum. It was not the first time I'd crossed the threshold of my local group, but this time I was serious. The last time I was here, it was November 2011 and I had my eight week old in tow. I definitely wasn't ready to begin  my slimming journey, and after a good start and the receipt of my half a stone award, I didn't go back to group.

The second time around, I had a lot more success. By week 2 I got my half a stone award, and had an eery sense of deja vu. I was determined this time to do well, and as I walked through the doors on week 3, I had beaten my previous record. in fact, I had a loss every week for the first ten weeks.

Of course, it wasn't all plain sailing. I had small losses that felt disappointing. I had big gains that were even more disappointing. Twice I maintained and I was about ready to jack the whole thing in. But I didn't, and my proudest achievement was getting Slimmer of the Week in October after a 5.5lb loss.

I'm currently 3.5lbs away from my 2 and a half stone award, having had a deserved 2.5lb gain last week. I reached Club 10 on 26th February 2015 which was another milestone that I had been millimeters from since early December. But I got there eventually, and I know that I'll soon get to my goal.

I want to lose 6 stone in total and I have lost 2 stone 3.5 pounds, so am almost a third of the way there. I know it's a while to go yet, but I'll get there and I'll be happier and healthier for it.

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